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About the Lemon Laws in the United States

While there are some Federal lemon law types, most questions that people have are actually handled in the state arena. Now each state does have it's own interpretation of consumer protection. Some states go out of their way to protect the consumers, and some don't. Usually that's not because they don't care, but because there hasn't been a real need for a law just yet. Most lemon laws are only 10-20 years old.

Be sure and check out our By State List of lemon law types and information along with the contact numbers provided.

In the United States, the lemon laws (including the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) are meant to protect you, the consumer. They refer to laws that require manufacturers to repair, replace or refund defective cars, other motorized vehicles, appliances, even assistive devices and hearing aids. In fact, anything that costs over $25 and comes with a warranty is covered by the federal lemon law.

If the product you purchased is not repaired within a reasonable amount of time and number of repair attempts, the manufacturer is required to refund the purchase price, less a reasonable amount for the usage, or replace it with a comparable product.

These laws got their name based on cars that are endless trouble from the beginning, and leave a sour taste in your mouth. The phrase was first recorded in 1909 as meaning something worthless, and over time it was used to refer to anything defective or constantly broken or not working, especially in the case of cars.

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The rights under the lemon laws may exceed the warranty you received when you purchased the product. While lemon laws are the common nickname for these laws, each state has different guidelines, and names or acts may vary, and may come under consumer protection laws.

The Federal Lemon Laws — Establishing the Basic Guidelines for States in the U.S.

Federal lemon laws types can cover anything mechanical or electronic, and stipulate that your attorney fees are covered if you win a lemon lawsuit. All state laws cover cars and most other motorized vehicles, and many cover electronic equipment such as computers. And many also require the manufacturer to pay your lemon law attorney's fees if you win.

The laws also set out the specific remedies that a consumer may recover in a legal action if the vehicle or product cannot be fixed to conform to the warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts.

Certain cases, where a warranty exists, but no satisfaction can be obtained, may not be covered under state lemon laws. However, they may be covered under federal lemon laws. Where there is no manufacturer's warranty, you may be entitled to compensation under consumer protection laws that are outside of lemon laws.

Things such as prior car history being known to the seller, previously wrecked or salvaged cars, fraudulently rolled back odometers, rental cars, stolen and rebuilt cars or flooded cars are examples that may be covered under consumer protection laws, but not necessarily under the lemon laws. Depending on the circumstances, you may be covered by lemons laws and consumer protection laws.

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These are not limited to only cars, as there are also lemon law types that cover boats, motorcycles, RVs, computers and other motorized or powered appliances and equipment.

The United States Better Business Bureau can also help you file a dispute and set an arbitration hearing under their lemon law arbitration hearing program, at no cost to you, if the manufacturer participates in the BBB program.

If the dealer does not participate in their arbitration, your complaint is handed over to the manufacturer. The BBB arbitration program is one of the most effective lemon law enforcement programs and has helped over 2 million consumers get resolution since they started their auto line arbitration in 1978.

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By checking with your State office for consumer protection or with your State Department of Transportation office, you can learn the exact guidelines for your state in protecting your rights under the lemon laws. Many states have multiple lemon law types for each industry. Check out our State Lemon Law section to see what your state covers.

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