The ATV Lemon Law

The Lemon Law for All Terrain Vehicles

If you own a big money product, like an ATV, that doesn't work, you know the frustration of owning expensive junk. The ATV lemon law ensures that you don't have to put up with that defective all terrain vehicle. When you buy something, you have certain expectations of that thing.


Whether it's an original defect that happening during the manufacturing process, or something that happened to the ATV before you bought it from a dealer, as long as your three- or four-wheeler has a warranty, you're covered by the ATV lemon law.

ATV Lemon Laws and How They Help

ATV lemon laws state that if you have purchased an ATV that is a lemon, you can be compensated for it. In some cases, you'll get a new ATV, and in some cases you'll receive the money that you spent.

Either way, you'll be compensated for the purchase that you made.

I Bought a Lemon ATV—Now What?

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If you think that the ATV you purchased is a lemon, there are several things that you need to do so that you can get your compensation. First, you need to figure out exactly what is wrong with your ATV.

Take it to an ATV repair shop or mechanics who can list all of the problems that are wrong with it, and make sure that they document everything.

Then, check with the papers you received when you purchased the ATV. If the things that are wrong with the ATV are not listed on the paperwork, you probably bought a lemon without knowing it.

In some situations, like with used ATVs, they can be sold as is—meaning that the buyer will assume all responsibility for what might be wrong with it.

However, most of the time, unless the problems are stated in the sale document, you need to be compensated for those problems as you see them come up.

When To Contact a Lemon Law Lawyer

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Once you know that you are dealing with a lemon ATV, the second thing to do is to find a good ATV lemon law attorney who can help you. You are going to need to have help with this one, as it is important for the right processes to be followed.

You will want to find a lemon law lawyer who has experience with ATV lemon sales, because s/he will be able to help you figure out what compensation you are entitled to.

Things To Watch for When Purchasing an
All Terrain Vehicle

When you buy an ATV, there are a few things that you can do to try to make sure that you aren't buying a lemon. First, be sure to ask about everything having to do with the ATV.

Second, take the ATV for a test drive. Finally, don't buy it unless there's a warranty, and get the warranty in writing. The ATV lemon law only applies to products with a warranty. If your ATV doesn't have one, you may be on your own when dealing with the vendor.

NOTE:The information here is not legal advice and is only presented to you so you can know your options if you purchased a lemon. As with any legal issue, you should seek the advice of a qualified attorney.


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