The Facts About Puppy Mills

Many people do not know what puppy mills are. Quite frankly, many people do not want to know.


A puppy mill refers to a breeding operation where individuals repeatedly breed dogs in order to gain financial benefits for themselves.

The dogs are bred over and over again, and the puppies sold to the public. Sometimes the public are not aware of the fact that they are supporting a mill, continuing to buy and directing others there when they are looking for a loving family pet.

At most puppy mills, there are so many dogs that there isn't enough space for them all. The dogs are kept in small cages for the duration of their lives.

The cages are usually filthy, covered with feces and urine, crawling with parasites, and infected with diseases. It doesn't matter if the mill is located inside or outside, the cages are often boxed, allowing the animal no light, no fresh air and nowhere but inside their “home” to relieve themselves.

The people who run these puppy mills do not care about the dogs and the conditions they live in. They just care about the money they get out of it. Running a puppy mill is a form of cruelty. When they're discovered by authorities, they're shut down.

The Horror That Is a Puppy Mill

The smell that comes from a puppy mill is often what leads authorities to locate these horrific places. One can smell only sour ammonia, decay and feces from a mill.

The dogs are seldom fed enough food, so their ribs can be seen. Just one glance at a dog from a puppy mill and you will wonder when it last had decent food. The water isn't changed very often, and many dogs die from hunger, thirst, or the other poor living conditions.

The dogs are often covered in sores, and flies bother them continually. Dogs at mills do not get bathed or brushed, they are not fed properly, and generally treated inadequately.

Even though the females are in no condition to produce life, that is what they are forced to do. Puppies are born from these sick mothers, and as soon as possible, they're impregnated again.

The males are in the same condition as the females, yet they are forced to produce puppies for these evil people to sell.

All dog breeds are used in puppy mills. There are no breeds that are used more than others. As long as the animals are able to reproduce, they will be used.

Females are constantly pregnant but they will never see a vet to make sure the pregnancy is going well. With the smaller breeds, they sometimes require a small surgery in order to deliver their puppies, but because there is a cost involved, the mills don't allow it, leaving the bitch and her puppies to die most of the time.

After reading shocking stories regarding puppy mills, many people wonder how these people still get away with running places like this. They are quiet about it. They do not let a lot of people know the actual location of the mill, and they have regular clients who purchase the puppies in order to resell them. Without knowing it, thousands of pet shops in North America are supporting puppy mills.

It's Up to All of Us To Shut Down Puppy Mills

In many states, puppy mills are illegal. If found by authorities, they will be closed, the dogs rescued, and the parties involved punished.

However, the problem is finding these mills in the first place. So it's up to the public to inform the authorities if they know of a mill or even suspect that one is operating.

Puppies from puppy mills can be bought from so many different places, some of which include on the internet, from your local newspaper, from a well known house, or even from a pet store.

Who would ever have thought that the adorable little pup in the pet shop window comes from a mill and her parents are busy dying in horrific conditions that she just managed to escape from?

It is important for you to recognize a puppy that comes from a mill before you purchase it. Not only may this puppy carry diseases, but puppies from mills are known to die more quickly than other dogs.

If you suspect the cute puppies you saw in the window could be from puppy mills, report it and have the authorities investigate the matter.

NOTE:The information here is not legal advice and is only presented to you so you can know your options if you purchased a lemon. As with any legal issue, you should seek the advice of a qualified attorney.


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